Friday, June 28, 2013

Class description and assignment before 1st week class

Class Description :
Through this class, you will learn what to expect to see in project design development from the brief to the final design. 

Participation :
Although a few group crits will be conducted in order to benefit the entire class, much of the participation will come from one on one with the instructor.

Presentation :
You will be required to give two major presentations; Midterm presentation (week 6), and Final presentation (week 10), along with weekly homework presentations. Before the class, you need to post  whole homeworks on the wall(except week 1). 

Preparation :
existing portfolio, art works(Only for the first week)

Class activities of week 1 : 
One on one discussion to review existing portfolio and your goal. We should talk about what projects your are going to work and how to improve your portfolio.

Assignment for week 1 : 
Be prepared to present your portfolio.

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